How To Make A Burlap Wreath

Today we’ll be making a 12 inch burlap wreath.

Burlap wreaths are a simple yet elegant craft idea which you can make in about 10 minutes. Burlap wreaths make great decorations for any occasion including baby showers, weddings, and holidays. After you’ve finished this tutorial be sure to check out our burlap wreath making kits. We’ll ship everything you need to make your own burlap wreath right to your door.

What you'll need

  • A 12″ metal wreath frame
  • 20-25 feet of 6 inch burlap ribbon.
  • Floral wire to secure the burlap to the frame
  • Scissors to remove any excess ribbon
  • 10 minutes of free time

Step 1:

Secure the burlap ribbon to the innermost part of the wreath frame using the floral wire.

Step 2: The stuff

Push about 3 inches if ribbon up through the innermost part of the wreath frame.

Step 3:

Continue pulling ribbon up through the two remaining wreath frame openings.

Step 4: The twist

Flip the wreath over and make 2-3 twists in the ribbon. Then push the burlap up through the innermost section of the wreath frame.

Step 5:

Rinse and repeat steps 2 through 4 for the remaining openings in your wreath frame.

Step 6:

Cut off any excess ribbon and secure the end to the wreath frame with a piece of wire

Step 7:

Admire your work. Or decorate your wreath with accessories such as fresh flowers or ribbon.

NOTE: an eighteen inch frame requires more then ten yards of burlap ribbon.